November 2001

The scrimshawed horn is exactly what I wanted! I am tickled pink with it! It really looks right with the hair on fowler bag I got from you at Winter Camp. I have been studying how to set the horn up with a removable shot snake on the strap. Both the horn and the bag are now hanging with an original flint Ketland fowler that was passed down through my mother’s family. They look like old friends. Now I’ve got to get a fowler I can shoot to go with the bag and horn. More toys!! I really enjoyed spending time with you and Teri at the Eastern. Look forward to seeing you both again soon.

Rob Sykes

December 2001

Dear Sir:

I received the powder horn today “primer horn with stars.” I am very pleased; it is excellent work.

John S. Williams

Hi Kenny and Teri,

Just wanted you to know the horn arrived today. It is better than I expected. It truly is a work of art. Kenny, sometime in the spring or so I will contact you about a shooting bag. hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


January 2002

Thanks so much—just received, a work of art in horn and leather. This
piece is expertly made—you’all know your craft. I’m looking to
acquire more items. Say, do you know a good source for custom flintlock
rifles? Thanks, Mark
Got your package today. You are truly a master at what you do. Im 100% happy
with your merchandise. keep up the good work. This will make shooting my trade
gun a lot more enjoyable. Thanks again.
Rob Freund