June 2002

WOW.  the work is exquisite.  extremely positive feedback has been left.  i am very happy.  eric

May 2002

Ken & Teri,, Letting you know I received the Horn  today…..”FANTASTIC”…What can I say,, but Thanks…….I`m proud to own it.


April 2002

It was my pleasure meeting both of you this year at the living history show in Kalamazoo, MI. Thanks again for taking the time in adjusting the strap on the possibles bag I bought from you. I have not yet come across any nicer items than you have furnished. Both bags, powder horn and wool lined gun case are just incredible. Your attention to detail and quality are very hard to come by. Best of all, I now know that any items I receive from you will most likely exceed my expectations.

Many Thanks !!!

Butch Hedberg

Hello Kenny,
The horns are absolutely beautiful!  The eagles are exceptional and the
inscriptions fit perfectly.  In my absence, the horns have traveled to Fort
Rucker, Andalusia, Dothan, Troy, Opp, Hartford,  and several other places for my compatriots to review.  They all ask if I am going to carry them, and
I told all that They will see them on me at the next shoot, Rendezvous, or
whatever else comes up.  I now need to get going and have that gal work on a set of finger woven straps for me.  I will write you a letter for your file
in the next three weeks, and hope to get everything photographed for that
article in MuzzleBlasts shortly.
Thanks ever so much again.  Your artistry is worth every cent!  My son and grandson have something to be exceptionally proud of as well.

October 2001

“The bag and flintlock set came in this afternoon’s mail. I cannot express how very pleased I am with them. They are truly works of art in every sense of the word.  There is a small fall rendezvous coming up next weekend and I will be shooting using my new bag and flintlock set. I’m afraid that if they attract as much attention as the powder horns I bought from you did, I will not get a great deal of shooting accomplished.”

                                                            Joe Sacca

I was fortunate enough to run across your site and have freely shared it with some friends.  We have come to the conclusion that ya’all are doing it right. I have been fooling around with blackpowder and the ways of the ancients since 1985. I have been participating at Mansker’s Station for 5 years now. I’m originally from SW Penn, and grew up seeing a  good number of original powder horns. Yours are just as fine as anyone could wish to have. I have created a few horns over the years, and I have a number of friends who have become good enough at hornsmithing, that they primarily do horns. No modern horn that I have seen, has had the ability to capture the style and quality of fine  horn-work, such as you have done. My hats off to you and I say “Bravo!” I’m mailing you to compliment you and your abilities. You’ve done good!

November 2001

Dear Mr. Robertson,

I received my wolf bag today. I wasn’t disappointed- it’s exactly what I wanted. As I told you when I called, your workmanship is great. I will probably order another bag as soon as I can save a few more pennies. Well, goodbye for now. Keep up the GREAT WORK…

Sincerely,  Gary S. Thweatt